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Christ Church Glasson School

Christ Church Thurnham Glasson C of E Primary School was opened in 1833, following an initiative by the Vicar of Lancaster. Initially, it catered for the children from local farming settlements, of which Old Glasson was the nearest and largest.  Domestic property in the 'new' village of Glasson Dock started to be built around 1840. Of course, thereafter, the school catered for the village and surrounding area in the Parish of Thurnham.  At the beginning of the 20th century the school accommodated 100 pupils.  Originally, the school master or mistress lived in the house adjoining the school and which was added in the 1850's. The house has now been amalgamated into the existing school  building and provides a main entrance and offices. The land on which the school is built was originally owned by the Canal company. The school stands on Marsh Lane as it used to be called but this has been changed to School Lane. The lane past the school led South West to Crook Farm and once led North to Brows- Saltcote but was diverted when the canal basin was made in the1820's.


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